Bel Canto 2016

82% cabernet franc, 12% cabernet franc, 6% petit verdot

bel canto, n. a. A style of singing characterized by beauty of tone rather than dramatic power [Italian, literally: beautiful singing], b.  Cadence blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot grown on its estate, Cara Mia Vineyard.

Stunning, highly perfumed nose of dusty, crushed rock minerality, spice, and black currants. All our wines are terroir driven, and Bel Canto truly reflects the cobblestone soils on which it is grown. It smells like Red Mountain earth. The palate is soil driven, minerals harmoniously dancing with beautiful red fruit. The acidity is fresh for such a warm vintage. The back end is driven by plush, lifting tannins that elevate the finish and foretell of a wonderful, lengthy evolution in bottle.

B. Smith