Camerata 2013

40% cabernet sauvignon, 30% cabernet franc, 20% merlot, 10% petit verdot

camerata, n. a. A group living together harmoniously or pursuing a common artistic or intellectual interest, b. A small group of musicians or singers who perform together, typically specializing in chamber music, c. Cadence Cabernet Sauvignon based blend from its estate, Cara Mia Vineyard.

Dark, deep black licorice aromas.  Black fruit – cherries and blackberry – on palate.  The muscular tannins and acidity are deftly balanced.  Intensely energetic, brooding, and not at all forward at this early stage, this wine will unfold gracefully for years to come.  After an hour in the decanter the tannin are silky, and the flavors and tannins broaden and deepen magnificently.

B. Smith