Cara Mia Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

100% Cara Mia cabernet sauvignon

Perhaps I should begin by telling you how we wanted to style a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from our vineyard and then tell you how close I came to the mark! 2021 is the 16th vintage from Cara Mia Vineyard. In that time we’ve incessantly tweaked, prodded, pruned, grafted and in many other ways changed the way we farm and harvest fruit, all with the goal of producing intense wines of grace and balance not normally found on Red Mountain or in most of Washington. In those 16 years I have become increasingly confident in our pick decisions (being old has a few advantages) and in that time we’ve lowered our ripeness levels at least one to 1.5 Brix, a significant change allowing for more non-fruit savoriness and bright, beautiful acidity coupled with ageworthy tannins. As for our new release, the 2021 vintage brought a wonderful balance to Cabernet Sauvignon that clearly demonstrates the character we love to express.

B. Smith