Coda 2016

36% merlot, 28% cabernet sauvignon, 27% cabernet franc, 9% petit verdot

coda, n. a. A music passage of more or less independent character introduced after the completion of the essential parts of a movement, so as to form a satisfactory conclusion, b. The second label of Cadence winery. The home for barrels not essential to the estate or vineyard blends.

Coda 2016 leads with minerals, spice and plums on the nose – there is a lot of complexity for such a young wine. The palate displays a formidable array of deep red fruit, baking spices, powerful minerality held together with a pomegranate pop of acidity. Tannins are present, long, fine, and weave their way into a long, energetic finish. This is another excellent vintage for our second wine.

B. Smith