Coda 2021

46% cabernet franc, 42% merlot, 8% petit verdot,  4% cabernet sauvignon
100% Cara Mia Estate fruit

coda, n. a. A music passage of more or less independent character introduced after the completion of the essential parts of a movement, so as to form a satisfactory conclusion, b. The second label of Cadence winery. The home for barrels not essential to the estate or vineyard blends.

Our second vintage of Cara Mia Coda (and 16th overall vintage from the vineyard!) leads with baking spices, wonderful dusty (dare I say Tapteil-like) minerality, and intense red and black fruit. Wonderful Cabernet Franc texture on the palate, caressing but firm at the same time. The Petit Verdot component lends some acid zip to the long finish. A classic Coda, elevated by being 100% Cara Mia estate fruit.

B. Smith